4 distinct COVID response choices for Consumer Goods and Foodservice companies

May 1, 2020
Natural products on shelves

As the pandemic spreads across the globe, the Consumer Goods sector has shown some resilience. Looking more closely at the Consumer Goods and Foodservice sector, the authors note that there is significant sub-sector variation. In fact, digging deeper within sub-sectors, there is significant variance between company performance and standing.
In this article, Christine Delivanis, Roland Foxcroft, and Arushi Chopra examine S&P 1200 companies in the Consumer Staples and Foodservice sectors in the US and Europe. They then shine a light on the importance of grounding the nature of the Board and Executive response in the specific strategic realities facing each company – creating a unique COVID response framework.
The authors would like to give special thanks to Diana Spielman for her contribution to this article.  

Natural products on shelves