COVID-19 will have a heterogeneous impact on clinical trials, biopharmas

April 23, 2020

The novel coronavirus pandemic has created an unprecedented global health crisis. In response to the pandemic, dozens of countries and regions have instituted shelter-in-place orders and some institutions have issued guidelines urging people to minimize non-essential healthcare and/or clinical research.

Impaired access to the healthcare system, travel restrictions, guidance from regulatory agencies, and a shift in resources to fighting the pandemic are beginning to impact the conduct of clinical trials. CRA consultants Angela De Martini and Leandra Plappert held discussions with a selection of CRO, policy, regulatory, and venture capital experts to understand the implications of the pandemic on trials. The authors found that the pandemic will have an immediate (or short-term) impact on the conduct of trials, as well as a long-term impact that may reverberate through the industry in the coming years.

To read the article published in Applied Clinical Trials, click here.

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