CRA experts quoted in article from American Journal of Managed Care

August 5, 2021
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In this article titled “Diagnose, Monitor, Treat: How AI’s 3-Pronged Approach Can Help to Propel Progress in MS” the American Journal of Managed Care discusses how in the multiple sclerosis (MS) space, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) can translate into improvements across diagnoses, disease monitoring, and treatment selection, according to several experts from the Life Sciences Practice at global consulting firm Charles River Associates (CRA).

AI is already being tested to gauge the potential of several biomarkers, such as levels of vitamins B12 and D3 and the mineral selenium, noted Andrew Thomson, consulting associate in the Life Sciences Practice at CRA, in an interview with AJMC®, “given that abnormalities in these vitamin levels are associated with a risk of developing MS. Or rather than focusing on biomarkers, AI may potentially allow clinicians to diagnose MS by classifying, quantifying, and identifying diagnostic patterns in medical images, including disease characteristics that may typically be too marginal for them to detect in a routine exam. Algorithms developed with AI technology can simplify tasks which are too labor intensive for clinicians and researchers.”

“AI has the potential to enhance the ways in which we diagnose, monitor, and treat diseases, including MS,” Gerlovin concluded. “Effective application of these technologies could lead to improved clinical outcomes at reduced costs, better patient care, and provide a platform for precision-based medicine, as well as expedite the development of the next generation of treatments.”

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