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CRA’s 2022 Sustainability Report

CRA 2022 Sustainability Report

In CRA’s second annual Sustainability Report, we share notable examples from 2022 of programs and initiatives underway within our four “core pillars” of our ESG Framework: Employee Empowerment, Community Advancement, ESG Advisory, and Environmental Stewardship. We also highlight how we’re continuing our important ESG work and building upon our progress.

Achievements include:

  • Creating Mosaic@CRA, an employee resource group for our Black, Hispanic, Latino/a, Native American, and Pacific Islander team members.
  • Launching the All-Access Initiative to promote access to higher education and the All-Access Scholarship Program to help diversify the fields of business, economics, and STEM.
  • Supporting a North American utility company in the development of a greenfield electrolysis project to demonstrate the potential of clean hydrogen in its long-term decarbonization strategy, resulting in the client attracting project collaborators and co-investors for securing the necessary capital commitments.
  • Achieving carbon neutrality and 100% renewable energy for the second consecutive year.

We invite you to review our 2022 Sustainability Report and learn more about the work we’re doing to make a difference for our stakeholders and provide an advantage in the talent market.