The expanding role of artificial intelligence in clinical research

June 10, 2020

In recent years, access to patient medical information, coupled with rapid advancements in data analytics tools and technologies, has significantly altered many areas of healthcare. One of the most significant applications of new technology is in efforts to streamline and advance clinical research. Advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), offer the promise of addressing the most challenging aspects of drug development, with potential benefits for pharmaceutical companies, investigators, patients, regulators, and payers.

To assess the applications of these technologies in research now and in the future, Lev Gerlovin, Brooke Bonet, Inderpreet Kambo, and Giuliano Ricciardi analyzed trends in the use of AI in drug development and identified several areas where manufacturers now consider AI to be essential. They also highlighted the need for drug developers to keep pace with innovations in AI to ensure that advanced technologies are applied as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible and that specialized expertise, resources, and infrastructures are in place to support their use.

Click here to read the article published in Clinical Leader. 

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