How do you know where your data is?

July 26, 2023
Risk Relevant Charles River Associates

This article was originally published in The Recorder.

In today’s digital age, organizations face numerous challenges when it comes to managing and preserving electronic business communications. With employees using personal devices and messaging platforms to conduct business, organizations must be vigilant in ensuring that their data is accessible, preserved, and compliant with government regulations as this has become a factor in the Department of Justice’s evaluation of a corporation’s compliance program.

When organizations need to investigate allegations of internal misconduct, a critical point of focus is use of data and management and preservation of such data. It’s easy to imagine a scenario whereby an employee begins to use his or her personal cell phone to text message a colleague about an important client-related issue. The use of text message in this scenario could either be done innocently because the employee finds it more efficient to text rather than use company email, or due to more sensitive reasons such as intentionally wanting to circumvent the company’s communication and monitoring systems. Regardless of the reason, this behavior leaves management with a potential problem on its hands.

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