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IP Literature Watch: September 2020

September 24, 2020

In this issue of IP Literature Watch we include papers that speak to the ubiquity of intellectual property. In a COVID-19-related paper, the author discusses how the response to the pandemic is indissolubly tied to intellectual property as the development of vaccines, treatments, and other forms of medical technology become an integral part of public health preparedness and response frameworks. Another author discusses whether the pandemic may be considered an emergency in international relations and how World Trade Organization member states may invoke Article 73 of the TRIPS Agreement to override intellectual property rights.

Could copyright liability be used as a model for restricting fake news? In this paper, the author suggests solutions to the proliferation of “fake news” have tried to look forward, however these proposals ignore an existing model to regulate unwanted conduct online: the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Read more about these topics and other recent publications concerning intellectual property issues around the world.

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