Anne Layne-Farrar

Senior Consultant

Dr. Anne Layne-Farrar is a Senior Consultant to the Antitrust & Competition Economics Practice of CRA and an Adjunct Professor at Northwestern University School of Law. She specializes in antitrust and intellectual property matters, especially where the two issues are combined.

She advises clients on competition, intellectual property, regulation, and policy issues across a broad range of industries and has worked with some of the largest information technology, communications, and pharmaceutical companies in the world. Dr. Layne-Farrar has advised clients in a variety of jurisdictions, including the US, Europe, and Asia (South Korea and China).

Dr. Layne-Farrar’s expert work for industry leading clients has included analyzing reasonable licensing, including RAND and FRAND; calculating damages; assessing economic incentives and firm behavior within standard setting organizations; reviewing the competitive implications of licensing pharmaceuticals; defining markets; and determining costs and benefits for legislative proposals covering healthcare, credit and debit cards, labor unions, television ratings, software security, and e-commerce.

Dr. Layne-Farrar has given oral and written expert testimony in a variety of US courts and has provided other submissions, including ones before the US Supreme Court and before regulatory bodies including the US Federal Trade Commission, the US Department of Justice, the US Senate, the European Commission, and MOFCOM.

Additionally, she has presented at academic and industry conferences around the world and is widely published. She coauthored a book on law and economics, has published articles in magazines including Antitrust, Global Competition Review, and Regulation and in academic journals, including Antitrust Law Journal, International Journal of Industrial Organization, and Journal of Competition Law and Economics.

Selected engagements

  • 01
    Economic analysis in a product hopping litigation
    This case involved a blood thinner drug whose initial patent had expired. The brand company improved the product and obtained additional patents on those...
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  • 02
    Economic analysis of generic test specification standards
    This matter involved scientific tests for generic drug closeness to the brand, as required by the FDA. The plaintiff alleged deceptive conduct within the...
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  • 03
    FRAND analysis for mobile telecommunications patents
    The case involved patent infringement and FRAND antitrust claims (supra-FRAND licensing and discrimination) for mobile telecom standard essential patents. A...
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Recent achievement

GCR Economist of the Year