Life sciences for Europe: An integrated strategy for healthcare innovation (2019-2024)

June 11, 2019

Today, the healthcare industry looks very different to how it did ten years ago. New technologies have revolutionized healthcare – delivering benefits to patients and reducing healthcare costs, allowing patients to contribute to the labor market and the economy. Innovation in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostic technologies and increasingly digital health has transformed the way we deliver and manage treatments and organize healthcare systems. Although each type of health technology has its own distinct challenges, the increasing use of integrated, combined treatment options (that combine pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics and digital health solutions) are posing new challenges for the healthcare system.
As Europe moves into the new legislative cycle (2019-2024), the time is ripe to examine the challenges and opportunities facing the healthcare life sciences sector in Europe over the next five to ten years, and to identify some of the common challenges arising across the wider life sciences sector as well as those that are due to the combined use of health technologies. CRA conducted this study in conjuction with the American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union.
The views expressed in this report are the views and opinions of the authors and do not reflect or represent the views of Charles River Associates or any organizations with which the authors are affiliated.

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