Physician opinions about “fair” prices vary for certain therapies

July 31, 2020
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As the cost of pharmaceutical and biotechnology therapies continues to rise, concern about the ability of healthcare systems to afford high-cost therapies is accelerating. Policymakers have recently proposed initiatives to address the issue, including mandated price negotiations and limits on price increases. Concurrently, manufacturers highlight the high cost of clinical trials and the risks they assume in developing innovative therapies and the need to recoup the cost of their investment. Both sides of the debate beg the question: What is fair?

Moving forward, discussions among stakeholder groups must continue to try to align on what is “fair” for pricing of different drugs, especially as more drug developers invest in rare disease therapies, including potentially curative treatments, and work to make these drugs broadly available to patients in need.

In PM360, we assess the results of a survey conducted by CRA of US stakeholders including more than 160 physicians to assess their opinion on the fairness of drug pricing.

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