Precision medicine: optimizing access

November 1, 2018

Anthony Barron recently wrote an article for Pharma Times on the new models that have the potential to help the healthcare industry encourage the adoption of personalized treatments. Personalized treatments can lead to a number of benefits, including reduced hospitalizations and more efficient use of healthcare resources, but there are also several challenges standing in the way of the development of personalized medicines.
Recent analysis by CRA on the availability of new personalized immunotherapies in the UK highlights the need for innovative strategies to address these challenges and prioritize personalized medicines within a diverse range of healthcare models. Efforts to expand access to personalized therapies will likely require collaboration between various stakeholders and the sharing of best practices related to advanced diagnostics, funding mechanisms, HTA systems, and coordination of care. This level of change is needed to bring potentially life-saving therapies to those patients who can benefit most from them.
Read the full article in Pharma Times here.