Renewable Energy Disputes in the Americas: Potential Future Developments

August 12, 2021
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CRA’s Seabron Adamson contributed an article to Global Arbitration Review – The Arbitration Review of the Americas 2022 titled, “Renewable Energy Disputes in the Americas: Potential Future Developments.”

The annual report contains insight and thought leadership inspired by the recent past from 43 pre-eminent practitioners. All contributors are vetted for their standing and knowledge before being invited to take part.

In the article, Mr. Adamson discusses how renewable energy is one of the fastest growing components of the energy economy, in Latin America and worldwide, absorbing billions of dollars of cross-border investment every year. The complex commercial, regulatory and financial aspects of utility-scale wind and solar projects create substantial scope for disputes between investors, off-takers, governments and other parties. While past renewable disputes in international arbitration have largely centred on changes in government subsidy regimes, a new generation of disputes, such as those widely anticipated in Mexico, may focus on changes in detailed power market and transmission rules. As the number of renewables projects continues to grow, the number of ‘conventional’ capital project disputes, including financing, construction and commissioning delays, and project performance problems will also likely rise.

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