Renewable Energy Finance: Theory and Practice

February 20, 2020

Seabron Adamson published a book entitled Renewable Energy Finance: Theory and Practice, which addresses the current and future landscape of funding renewable energy investments. Mr. Adamson and co-author Santosh Raikar focus on the integration the special characteristics of renewable energy with key elements of project finance. Through a mixture of fundamental analysis and real-life examples, readers learn how renewable energy project finance works in actual deals that mix finance, public policy, legal, engineering, and environmental issues.

The book is geared towards professionals and students in the public law, engineering, economics, and finance industries. The skills developed in analyzing non-recourse cash flow-based finance are applicable to green energy, and also apply more widely in project finance and infrastructure investing. Part I covers the politics and economics of renewable energy projects and the development process while Part II discusses project finance theory and practice.

Mr. Adamson and Mr. Raikar currently teach a joint course on renewable energy finance at the Carroll School of Management of Boston College. The book evolved from the concepts discussed in the classroom.
To learn more about the book, click here.

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