CRA Insights

Rethinking Canadian oil and gas investments amid shifting political and market realities

January 7, 2019

In this piece, CRA consultants Herb Rakebrand and Juliana Bruno argue that increasing Canada’s domestic oil and gas consumption is a promising investment thesis that could also help Canada better use its resources and receive market-based prices.
Prevailing US and Canadian economic and political realities suggest that Canada will continue to struggle to get its naturally resourced oil and gas to international markets. The recent progress of the LNG Canada project is a step in the right direction, but a number of contentious issues remain unresolved. The industry is likely to feel the pain of deeply discounted natural resources for the foreseeable future.
While low commodity prices on either side of the border typically have a negative impact on the value of upstream investments, low prices could create a favorable environment for new investments in midstream and downstream Canadian-based energy industries.

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