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The benefits of employee surveys for ethics and compliance programs

February 2024
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By using surveys, organizations can obtain insight on the effectiveness of compliance programs and identify areas to enhance compliance initiatives within the workplace, ultimately fostering a more robust compliance culture.

In this Insights, the authors explain how surveys are an effective mechanism to reveal challenges within an ethics and compliance program. For example, the following questions may uncover weaknesses within an organization’s compliance culture:

  • To what extent do you believe that leadership demonstrates a commitment to compliance?
  • How often do you receive updates or training on compliance policies?
  • Have you observed instances where leadership may not have prioritized compliance?
  • Do you feel that there is open communication regarding compliance matters within the organization?
  • How confident are you that violations of compliance policies and procedures will be appropriately addressed by leadership?
  • Do you believe the organization promotes ethical decision-making?

Read the Insights here.

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