Kristen Backor

Vice President and Director of the Market Research Center of Excellence

Dr. Kristen Backor is a market research expert with over 15 years of experience in designing, conducting, and executing qualitative and quantitative research.

Dr. Backor’s business consulting engagements focus on customer insights work with a variety of stakeholders, ranging from consumers to specialized audiences within the life sciences such as Key Opinion Leaders and rare disease patients. As Vice President and Director of CRA’s Market Research Center of Excellence, she provides guidance and oversight for projects concerning qualitative and quantitative market research across multiple industries.

She also serves as an expert in litigation, using qualitative, quantitative, and observational research to inform key questions in cases involving the Fair Labor Standards Act/off the clock work, labeling claims, and other issues.

Selected Engagements

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    CRA uses market research expertise to inform patent damages assessment
    CRA’s Market Research Center of Excellence was retained by an incumbent manufacturer to determine which attributes affected demand and the relative importance...
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