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Survey and Market Research in Litigation and Competition

CRA’s market and survey research experts have significant expertise using surveys to answer questions in and outside of litigation for clients, regulators, and triers of facts on the most pressing consumer and market research, marketing, and other research.

We provide support through the entire process, from survey design (including sampling methodology, survey method, and survey validation), to testing and implementation, and finally analysis and presentation of the results to clients, regulators, and other stakeholders. We also provide commentary and written submissions to regulators on the methodology of third-party surveys.

Our services include likelihood of confusion, strength of mark, secondary meaning, acquired distinctiveness, Lanham Act claims, consumer perception, mystery shopping, and survey rebuttal (including complex surveys, such as conjoint analysis).  We have evaluated consumer preferences, market definition, product and service switching, competitive strategy, willingness to pay / accept, price sensitivity, and pricing strategy of complex products and services using survey and other statistical tools and research methods.


  • 01
    CRA uses market research expertise to inform patent damages assessment
    CRA’s Market Research Center of Excellence was retained by an incumbent manufacturer to determine which attributes affected demand and the relative importance...
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  • 02
    Using market research expertise to evaluate claims in a wage and hour class action dispute
    Kristen Backor testified in a class action claim to determine amount of off-the-clock work engaged by the relevant class of resort employees. Dr. Backor’s...
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  • 03
    Owner of world-famous wireless technology trademarks settles litigation
    CRA was retained by an Am Law 200 law firm, counsel for a wireless technology standard developer, implantation facilitator, and owner of related world-famous...
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