The ongoing impact of COVID-19 on clinical research

October 1, 2020

Almost immediately after news reports confirmed that COVID-19 was spreading around the globe, companies involved in clinical research started wondering “What if?” In the past few months, that question has rapidly transformed into “What now?” The novel coronavirus has affected protocols and timelines for many companies involved in clinical stage drug development and is likely to affect efforts in the months ahead.

In assessing the impact of COVID-19 on clinical research and development, companies are considering a range of factors. To better understand how the fallout of COVID-19 and other factors are affecting clinical programs worldwide, Angela De Martini, Dean Lockhead and Leandra Plappert reached out to industry stakeholders for their perspectives and discuss their findings in Clinical Research News. These industry insiders report that the impact of COVID-19 on clinical development programs is already severe and will be broad and long-lasting.

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