Is today’s pharmaceutical commercial model going extinct?

May 6, 2019

Novel cell and gene therapy options are significantly improving treatment outcomes, and in some cases providing cures via one-time treatment to rare diseases previously considered untreatable. While these one-time therapies, particularly when curative, have the potential to be beneficial to patients with serious life-threatening diseases, a number of characteristics differentiate them from conventional chronic therapies:

  • One-time therapies typically treat an existing prevalent pool of patients at launch.
  • One-time therapies typically have treatment regimens of significantly shorter duration relative to chronic therapies.
  • The available patient population diminishes, sometimes rapidly, over the course of the curative therapy lifecycle as the pre-launch patient prevalent pool is depleted.

In this paper, we aim to present 7 disruptions and some mitigation strategies related to one-time therapies. Download the PDF to read the paper.

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