Trade Secret Protection: A Global Guide

June 27, 2022
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The law of trade secrets is one of the most important and fastest developing areas of intellectual property, but is by far the least harmonized internationally.

In Chapter 1, of Trade Secret Protection: A Global Guide, “An overview of trade secret misappropriation damages,” CRA’s Christopher Gerardi, Hong Qiao, and Steven Schwartz address the practical application of economic and accounting principles to the statutory framework generally recognized by most countries that provide for the recovery of monetary damages.

Christopher Gerardi has a deep understanding of damages case law and has provided oral and written expert evidence in trade secret misappropriation matters before multiple U.S. federal and state courts and a number of international arbitration forums. He is a member of the Sedona Conference’s Trade Secrets Working Group and serves on the drafting committee for monetary relief in trade secrets litigation.

Hong Qiao has substantial experience in matters relating to intellectual property (patent infringement, trade secret misappropriation, trademark and copyright infringement), ITC investigations, commercial litigation (breach of contract, business interruption, tortious interference, merger termination, failed systems implementation, and price discrimination), and commercial arbitration.

Trade Secret Protection: A Global Guide is now on its 2nd edition. Designed to provide clear, comprehensive and practical guidance, this edition is a powerful tool for anyone requiring a broader and fuller understanding of trade secret protection globally.

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