Unlocking value: How cell and gene therapies are driving new deals in life sciences

April 7, 2020

After years of slow progress, promising cell and gene therapies are coming of age. Along with patient communities and global healthcare systems, pharmaceutical companies are recognizing the potential benefits and commercial opportunities in cell and gene therapies. Both larger and smaller companies are actively pursuing collaborations, mergers, acquisitions, and licensing agreements for these drugs, with the number and size of deals ramping up rapidly in recent years. From 2010-2016 alone, pharmaceutical companies executed more than 50 partnerships and investments to access cell and gene therapies. In this PharmaTimes article, Lev Gerlovin and Pascal discuss how significant advances in standard of care is driving a focus on innovative dealmaking for cell and gene therapies.
The authors acknowledge the contributions of Súil​ Collins and Alex David.
Click here to read the article in PharmaTimes.

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