David E. Hunger

Vice President

David Hunger is Vice President with the Energy Practice of CRA. Formerly a senior economist at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Dr. Hunger is an expert in energy market merger analysis and market-based rate matters, as well as energy and capacity market rules in the FERC-regulated Regional Transmission Organizations.

For 14 years at the Commission, he took part in or led analyses involving mergers and other corporate transactions, market power in market-based rates cases, affiliate transactions, investigations of market manipulation in electricity and natural gas markets, demand response compensation, compliance cases for capacity and energy market rules in Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs), merchant transmission, and competition issues in electricity markets. Since leaving the Commission and joining CRA in 2013, he has testified in multiple Commission proceedings involving organized capacity markets administered by RTOs; as well as merger and market-power cases at the state and federal level.

Selected Engagements

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    Support on capacity market reform issues on behalf of JCP&L
    CRA supported Jersey Central Power and Light (JCP&L) in reviewing responsive options to reforms in the PJM capacity market, which threaten to lead to...
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