Debra Resnick

Vice President

Debra Resnick has more than 30 years of experience both in a consulting role and as a practicing attorney.

As leader of CRA’s integrated Marketing, Business Development and Coaching department, Ms. Resnick leads the firm’s global marketing and business development strategies, participates in a broad array of firm management activities, and coaches and trains senior staff in the areas of business and professional development.

Prior to joining CRA she was a senior product director at FTI Consulting where she led external client development initiatives as well as support for internal planning and business development activities for the firm’s Dispute Advisory Services and Intellectual Property practices. Ms. Resnick was previously Chair of Hartman & Craven, LLP’s Intellectual Property Department. She was also a principal with Cutner & Associates, PC for 11 years. She was a frequent speaker on intellectual property law at industry associations, and holds numerous positions in different legal associations. Ms. Resnick is admitted to the Bar of the State of New York.