E. Jane Murdoch

Senior Consultant

Jane Murdoch is an expert in the areas of industrial organization and antitrust.

She has extensive experience in analyzing the potential competitive impacts of both horizontal and vertical mergers in a variety of industries. Dr. Murdoch also has provided support for expert witnesses in litigation involving monopolization, price fixing, predation, and breach of contract. She has participated in several matters involving the establishment of appropriate royalty rates for public performances of music.

Dr. Murdoch’s experience includes the following:

  • She has provided expert testimony and supported other testimony in matters brought before the Copyright Arbitration Review Panel and in federal court regarding the appropriate license fees to be imposed for the public performance of musical repertoires by cable television programmers and by National Public Radio and its member stations.
  • She has analyzed the competitive incentives and potential anticompetitive effects of vertical relationships in such mergers as News Corporation/DirecTV, AOL/Time Warner, Time Warner/Turner, and PRIMESTAR/News Corporation.
    In several price-fixing matters involving the agricultural, chemical, and wood product industries, she supported expert testimony concerning liability issues and assisted clients in settlement negotiations.
  • She has analyzed the competitive incentives and potential anticompetitive effects of a number of horizontal mergers involving the markets for computer software, business services, medical devices, radio broadcasting, and telecommunications.
  • In the area of telecommunications regulation, she has conducted economic analyses of the likely impacts of proposed FCC regulations in such areas as cable leased access and cellular telephone service competition.


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