Holly Brackin

Holly Brackin | Labor and Employment | Charles River Associates

Holly Brackin is a principal in the Labor & Employment Practice, based in CRA’s College Station, Texas office.

Prior to joining CRA, Ms. Brackin was Director in the Bryan, TX, office of Welch Consulting. Ms. Brackin assists in organizing and preparing statistical analyses of large databases in class action labor and employment matters and consulting engagements. Her experience includes statistical analyses of hiring, promotion, workforce reductions, pay disparity, and wage and hour claims. Ms. Brackin compiles structured and unstructured data into databases suitable for analysis.

Ms. Brackin has over 20 years of experience in data analysis and assists in a wide variety of class action and individual plaintiff matters involving wage and hours issues. She has assisted companies in evaluating claims alleging wage and hour violations under the FLSA and state laws, including unpaid overtime, illegal clock rounding, meal and rest break violations, record-keeping and time reporting violations, and other claims of improper employer actions, including those charged under California’s Private Attorney General Act (PAGA). Ms. Brackin has extensive experience in cases alleging the incorrect calculation of the regular rate of pay. She is also experienced in reviewing data and calculations from opposite parties involving exposure estimates.

Ms. Brackin worked in the accounting department of a non-profit organization while pursuing her degree in applied mathematics with an emphasis in finance and economics.

Holly Brackin | Labor and Employment | Charles River Associates

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