Margarita Patria

Margarita Patria Auctions Competitive Bidding Charles River Associates

Dr. Margarita Patria has extensive experience in auction and market design, auction and market implementation, auction software, competitive bidding mechanisms, e-commerce, and bidder strategy and support. Dr. Patria has been instrumental in successful projects in electricity, telecommunications , agricultural commodities, advertising, and other industries Dr. Patria has been a visiting scholar and a teaching fellow at Boston College and is the author of several academic papers. Dr. Patria is fluent in English and Russian.

Selected Engagements

  • 01
    Preparing FCC incentive auction participants
    CRA has developed auction simulation software tools that can be used by TV broadcasters participating in the Federal Communications Commission’s incentive...
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  • 02
    Sale of telecom patent portfolios using private auction platform
    CRA was retained to value optical network and wireless caching patent portfolios of a public optical telecom network provider to assist selling the portfolios...
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