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Dr. Margarita Patria is a principal at CRA International. Her work has focused on the intersection of energy economics, market design, and data analytics. She provides market design and analysis solutions to utilities, ISO/RTOs, regulators, and other electricity market stakeholders. Dr. Patria is currently leading multiple policy valuation projects as well as successful energy auctions and renewable procurements in multiple states and is responsible for electricity market analysis, bid valuation, and forecast tasks. She advised bidders in multiple high-stakes auctions. Her research focuses on empirical and theoretical analysis of energy markets and applied game theory.

Dr. Patria received her PhD in Economics from Boston College. She currently teaches a course in Energy Markets at Northeastern University and is the author of several academic papers. Dr. Patria is fluent in English and Russian.

Selected engagements

  • 01
    Supporting Alliant Energy’s innovative distributed generation compensation proposal
    Alliant Energy’s Wisconsin Power & Light engaged CRA to support its Power Partnership proposal, an innovative model for compensating distributed generation...
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  • 02
    MISO interconnection reform
    In response to growing backlogs in its generator interconnection queue, MISO retained CRA regulatory and economic experts to evaluate milestone payments...
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  • 03
    Preparing FCC incentive auction participants
    A team of CRA Auctions consultants developed auction simulation software tools that can be used by TV broadcasters participating in the Federal Communications...
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