Matthew Stratford

Vice President

Matt Stratford is a vice president in the Finance Practice of CRA. He has 20 years of experience applying economic and quantitative methods to problems in complex business litigation.

Matt has consulted on a variety of litigation topics, including insurance, retirement plans, and accounting liability. Matt has assessed issues related to liability, damages, valuation, and class certification. Matt’s experience is focused on the support of expert witnesses retained on behalf of insurance companies, universities, accounting firms, and other business entities. In recent years Matt has consulted on numerous ERISA litigations related to 401(k) and 403(b) retirement plans. His recent focus has also included providing consulting and expert support to numerous insurance companies in defense of class action litigations related to insurance policy design and interpretation of California lapse statutes.

Selected engagements

  • 01
    Professor Conrad Ciccotello testifies on behalf of Yale University in jury trial win
    Charles River Associates expert, Professor Conrad Ciccotello, recently provided expert testimony on behalf of Yale University at a jury trial in United States...
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  • 02
    Cost of insurance litigations
    CRA consultants have been retained in multiple class action litigations related to universal life insurance policies where disputes have arisen over the...
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  • 03
    Reinsurance disputes
    CRA consultants have been retained in multiple disputes that have arisen as a result of reinsurance transactions. Our experts have extensive industry...
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