Rajini Jayasuriya

Rajini Jayasuriya | Life Sciences | Charles River Associates

Rajini Jayasuriya is a principal in CRA’s Life Science’s Practice and brings over six years of experience advising global pharmaceutical companies on a range of healthcare access and innovation policy issues.

Rajini leverages her expertise in economics and policy consulting to develop solutions that support the business and social goals of pharmaceutical leaders in the US, Europe, Asia, and a range of emerging markets. She has supported her clients to navigate healthcare policy reform, identify US state and federal policy tools to reduce health inequities, and design innovation policy and health system strengthening solutions with the aim of supporting pharmaceutical innovation and addressing healthcare access barriers in different disease areas, including oncology, rare disease, and infectious disease.

Clients and colleagues describe Rajini as a thoughtful listener whose open-minded and supportive approach contributes to an organized, steady-handed, and on-target solution to the issues and opportunities faced together. Known for a calm and compassionate leadership style and cited as perceptive and resilient in the face of challenges, Rajini is committed to excellence and diligent in the development of thoughtful and tangible outputs by her teams across Europe and North America.

Rajini’s unique life experience, having both lived and worked across the US, UK, Sri Lanka, and the Middle East, has informed a deep understanding of the sensitivities and means necessary to foster genuine collaboration within diverse client teams. She is known for listening and observing the “what and why” beyond what’s being said. This skill enables Rajini to accurately understand client problems in fast-paced environments. Rajini leverages her expertise and experience with her teams to develop innovative solutions and translate the needs of her clients into high-quality deliverables.