Renee McMahon

Vice President

Ms. Renee McMahon advises clients on the financial and economic implications of business decision making, often in the context of performing valuation and damages analyses in litigation and bankruptcy matters.

She consults clients involved in a range of disputes, including, among other things, breach of contract and/or warranty, merger and acquisition transactions, fraudulent transfer, claims of unjust enrichment, and claims of fraudulent and material misrepresentation. Her work spans many industries, including retail, telecommunications, banking and financial services, franchising, automotive, manufacturing, securities, technology, and other consumer goods and services. Prior to joining CRA, Ms. McMahon held consulting positions at LECG and Navigant Consulting.

Selected engagements

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    CRA expert testifies on valuation in securities fraud litigation
    Renee McMahon was retained by the US Securities and Exchange Commission to testify in a matter involving two private equity managers accused of, among other...
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