The Comprehensive Guide to Economic Damages, Seventh Edition

March 31, 2023
publication paper

In this seventh edition of The Comprehensive Guide to Economic Damages, Vice Presidents Renee McMahon and Peter Resnick have contribute chapters on representations and warranties insurance, financial forensic services for internal investigations, and post-acquisition disputes and related damages.

Representations and warranties insurance

In this chapter, Renee McMahon, along with co-authors, provide an overview of the history and evolution of representation and warranty insurance, the needs it fulfills for the parties during the deal process, general terms and components of policies, elements of a breach of a representation or warranty, the claims process, and the quantification of the loss.

Financial forensic services for internal investigations

In this chapter, CRA’s Peter Resnick along with Greg Naviloff provide an overview of:

  • White-collar crimes and associated financial forensic services;
  • The differences between a financial audit and forensic services;
  • Indicators of fraud (discussed in further detail in Chapter 16);
  • How to perform financial forensic internal investigation services (from engagement acceptance through conclusion);
  • Specific considerations applicable to each financial forensic internal investigation;
  • Considerations when performing asset tracing procedures including digital assets (i.e., cryptocurrencies and nonfungible tokens (NFTs), etc.); and
  • Common mistakes to avoid when performing financial forensic internal investigation services.