M&A Financial Litigation

Rigorous expert analysis and testimony for merger-related litigations.

CRA excel in all types of merger-related litigations. In contested mergers, we provide consulting and expert testimony on antitrust issues, merger efficiencies, merger synergies, analysis of weak and failing firms, and analysis of material adverse effects. In unsuccessful mergers, we analyze antitrust, causation, and damages issues.  For completed mergers, we provide consulting and expert testimony in appraisal and breach of fiduciary duty actions on valuation, deal process and other corporate governance issues, and industry economics. In post-acquisition disputes, we address accounting, causation, and damages issues.  In all matters, CRA experts apply cutting-edge research and state-of-the-art methods to our clients’ most complex challenges.


  • 01
    Energy Industry Merger Litigation
    CRA was retained by counsel for an energy infrastructure company that had agreed to be acquired by a firm in its industry to provide support in litigation...
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  • 02
    Post-acquisitional dispute on behalf of private equity firm
    CRA was engaged on behalf of a leading private equity firm to test the financial statements that had been relied upon to support an investment in a physical...
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  • 03
    Post-acquisition dispute on behalf of private equity firm
    CRA was engaged by a private equity firm with billions under management to investigate allegations of fraud related to the $1.2 billion acquisition of a...
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