Ricardo Cossa


Dr. Ricardo Cossa specializes in economic litigation disputes involving antitrust, labor and discrimination issues, valuation of financial instruments, and securities litigation.

Dr. Cossa has designed analyses and implemented models to calculate damages in cases involving allegations of anti-competitive conduct as well as employment and discrimination. His modeling and case experience also includes analysis of broker trading, valuation of complex financial instruments, and the evaluation of price impact in proposed mergers and acquisitions. Dr. Cossa has consulted for a broad array of industries, including high technology, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, financial services, health care, retail and agriculture. Dr. Cossa has contributed academic research in the education and labor economics arenas. Research in which he participated was used to create a novel methodology to calculate aggregate damages in securities class action lawsuits.

Prior to joining CRA, Dr. Cossa was a director and principal at a global professional services firm where he specialized in econometric and financial modeling, damage issues, antitrust, labor, and regulatory matters.

Selected engagements

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    Apple iPod iTunes Antitrust Litigation
    Professors Kevin M. Murphy and Robert Topel advised counsel to Apple, Jones Day, throughout this long-running case which dates to 2005. Murphy and Topel...
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