Yajing Jiang


Dr. Yajing Jiang (姜娅婧) is a principal in the Antitrust & Competition Practice of CRA. Trained as an empirical microeconomist, she is well equipped with state-of-the-art economic models for complex antitrust issues.

Yajing is dedicated to serving clients in highly dynamic environment and faced with challenging antitrust issues due to unique marketplace conditions, calling for de novo economic theories to depict the competitive landscape. As a thorough thinker and clear communicator, she is capable of leading a team with high endurance, high alertness, and the ability to deliver quality work, to help solve clients’ real-world problems with an academic mindset. At CRA, she has worked on merger and litigation cases involving multi-sided platforms, information technology, industrial goods, medical devices, and retail goods in front of the antitrust authorities in the US, Canada, and China. She is a native mandarin speaker and her experience in international matters provides add-on values to clients in other jurisdictions.

Yajing was appointed the Young Economist Representative to the Economics Committee of the ABA Antitrust Law Section for the 2022-2023 year. She has previously served the YER role to the International Cartel Task Force, and she is an editor of The Quick Look weekly newsletters published by the Joint Conduct Committee at the ABA.

Selected engagements

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  • 02
    CRA economists advise Evonik on acquisition of PeroxyChem
    CRA consultants advised Evonik as it sought regulatory approval of its acquisition of PeroxyChem in front of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and later in...
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