Analyzing the impact of national and local policy challenges

United Kingdom: A global pharmaceutical company asked CRA to assess the proposed policies on value based pricing and anticipate how they would work in practice.
United States: Groups that deliver health care services to patients, including physicians and pharmacies, sought exemptions to antitrust regulations in order to coordinate on issues of price and service delivery. Payor trade groups asked CRA to assess the likely outcomes of such antitrust waivers, including the possibility of increased healthcare costs. After concluding our analysis CRA delivered several public white papers, meetings with newspaper editorial boards, press releases, and testimony before the House of Representatives.
China: During the debate regarding changes to the National Drug Reimbursement List, RDPAC and PhRMA retained CRA to review how price and reimbursement worked for high value oncology medicines and the role of negotiation.
Sweden: The local Swedish trade association, LIF, asked CRA to look at the efficiency of the Swedish market and study how pharmacy remuneration had been reformed in other European markets.
South Africa: The local innovative trade association, PIASA, asked CRA to assess the application of international reference pricing to the private market.

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