Anticipating how policies will impact key commercial priorities

Demonstrating the burden of disease: Oftentimes the policy market needs to be informed of the economic burden caused by needs that are currently going unmet. Many regional, national and local payers have retained CRA to analyse burden of disease and provide providing robust, consistent data in a report that is both assessable and meaningful to stakeholders.
The use of tender at a local level: Procurement decisions often occur at a local level, but they can have a significant impact on commercial success. CRA has developed a tool that local budget holders can use to evaluate the merits of different medicine procurement mechanisms.
Developing a framework for OTC switches: As new over-the-counter and behind-the-counter distribution channels emerge, companies must consider these new channels and consider whether they should convert their therapy to these new distribution methods. CRA has analysed economic and business literature relating to channel conversion and helped clients anticipate the commercial and social welfare implications of new distribution channels.

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