CRA provides transaction support in successful generation portfolio acquisition

Equipment in Power Station.

On December 1, 2021 ArcLight Capital Partners successfully closed the acquisition of a larger power generation portfolio in the US identified as Generation Bridge. The portfolio consisted of resources in New York, New England, and California, collectively close to 4.9 GW. The acquisition was financed with $540 million of senior secured credit facilities in the institutional term loan market. A team led by Dimitri Kordonis that included Austin Lu and Abigail Sah supported ArcLight Capital Partners by providing market intelligence, price forecasting, and other transaction support throughout 2021.

In a press release, Dan Revers,  Managing  Partner  and  Founder  of  ArcLight  Capital  Partners,  LLC said,  “Generation  Bridge  complements  the  ongoing  energy  transition  by  providing  dispatchable generation  and  will  serve  as  a  platform  for  the  development  of  additional  renewable  energy  resources.  ArcLight remains  highly  focused  on  investments  supporting  the  ongoing  energy  transition,  including  through  its substantial  experience  in  renewable  energy,  battery  storage,  and  its  recently  announced  73  MW  solar acquisition  within  our  renewables  platform.”