Disease Area Handbook

Various alphabetized medical records

CRA Handbooks become the bedrock of knowledge in your business and the basis for business planning.

CRA approach

  • Conducted secondary desk research using internal and external sources to characterize the market landscape specific disease areas
  • Conducted interviews with internal experts, treating physicians and KOLs involving qualitative and quantitative approaches
  • Attended national advisory board
  • Conducted analogue analysis using case studies of similar products to glean insights on the key risks and opportunities for the company’s  product

Client impact

  • Increased knowledge and understanding of disease background, unmet needs, current standard of care, and attributes desired in new products
  • Identified the business opportunity for the company’s product based on size of market, accessibility of treatment centres, competitive landscape, access barriers and opportunities
  • Quantified the business case for the company’s product using forecasting methodology
  • Provided recommendations on how to prioritize and sequence the opportunity for the company’s product