Forensic audits of abatement plans for multiple pharmacy defendants in state and municipal opioid-related litigations

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Christopher Gerardi was retained on behalf of multiple pharmacy defendants in several state and municipal opioid-related matters to evaluate the historical damages and multi-billion dollar abatement costs put forward by plaintiffs’ experts.  For each matter, Gerardi and his team of forensic accountants, investigative research analysts, data analytics specialists, and economists performed independent forensic audits of the accuracy and completeness of scores of proposed cost components and the thousands of inputs/outputs of the underlying economic models used by plaintiffs’ experts to project the length of the abatement period and estimated abatement costs. Collectively, they have audited over $70 billion of treatment, harm reduction, prevention and systems coordination abatement components.

These evaluations required the team to understand (i) the functional relationship of the data points that were used to estimate or project the length of the abatement period and (ii) the functional viability of the underlying models (i.e., whether the model(s) produced logically and/or definitionally possible results).  In addition, the team evaluated various iterations of these models used by plaintiffs’ experts in their attempt to correct functional deficiencies identified by the team.

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