HCP Identification and Outreach

Our client sought to create actionable HCP target lists along with a follow-up outreach approach starting from a claims data analysis with high capture of medical claims

CRA approach 

  • CRA created patient cohorts through combinations of symptomatic ICD codes, procedure codes, prescription failures, etc. since no ICD code exists for the rare disorder
  • Patient and HCP cohorts were of approximately the same size as client’s prior analysis, but CRA’s HCP target list had ~80% novel targets and 20% overlap with prior list
  • Roll-up of HCP targets to HCOs allowed for institution prioritization (greater HCP interest when potential for larger N of patients)
  • Validated HCP target list with market research and physician profiling – approximately 25% of physicians either managed or suspected a patient of having the rare disease

Client impact

  • Generated multiple rounds of HCP target lists, beginning with the highest-potential HCPs (~500 HCPs) and broadening to ~3,000 HCPs
  • Mapped out follow-up approach for HCPs, including outreach emails and scripts, profiling questionnaires, and key talking points around rare disease testing options
  • CRA outreach confirmed 10+ HCPs managing or suspecting 20+ patients of having the rare disease
Countries Involved

United States