Healthcare provider identification and outreach in rare disease

Our client sought to create actionable healthcare provider (HCP) target lists, guided by medical claims data analysis, to guide outreach in rare disease.

CRA approach: 

  • CRA’s medical affairs consultants created patient cohorts through combinations of symptomatic International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes, procedure codes, and prescription failures in a rare disorder with no specific ICD code
  • Generated multiple rounds of HCP target lists, beginning with the highest-potential HCPs (~500 HCPs) and broadening to ~3,000 HCPs
  • Mapped out follow-up approach for HCPs, including outreach emails and scripts, profiling questionnaires, and key talking points around rare disease testing options
  • Validated HCP target list with market research and physician profiling – approximately 25% of physicians either managed or suspected a patient of having the rare disease

Client impact:

  • Patient and HCP cohorts were of approximately the same size as our client’s prior analysis, but CRA’s HCP target list had ~80% novel targets and 20% overlap with prior list
  • Roll-up of HCP targets to Healthcare Organizations (HCOs) allowed for institution prioritization (greater HCP interest due to potential for larger number of patients)
  • CRA outreach confirmed 10+ HCPs managing or suspecting 20+ patients with the rare disease
  • Developed a searchable HCP database enabling the medical team to quickly identify the appropriate HCP for outreach depending on goal (e.g. setting up an advisory board, potential study discussions)
Countries Involved

United States

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