Long-term partnership for pricing and market access launch strategy support

Capsule Production Line

Our client was preparing for the launch of a new orphan drug in Europe and needed support with tactical planning and negotiation skills since most of the global and affiliate teams were relatively new to the organisation.

CRA conducted a tactical workshop with the EMEA Market Access team (global and affiliates) and provided frameworks for scenario planning and risk mitigation given uncertainties over data and expectations for payer review outcomes. We then delivered comprehensive training on the overall theory of negotiation with the added context of payer decision making in rare diseases. We provided affiliate teams with resources to support their negotiations including a global payer value proposition (PVP) with accompanying supporting evidence and a payer objection handling document. Finally, we planned and delivered rounds market-specific payer mock negotiation workshops including Affiliate team and payer experts with feedback provided between rounds, critique of pricing & reimbursement submissions, and support with planning future strategies.

CRA successfully supported the global and affiliate teams to optimise their P&MA strategy for the orphan drug launch and prepare for different payer negotiation scenarios. CRA also developed a sharing culture within the organisation which allowed affiliates to leverage learnings across markets to support payer negotiation preparations following mock negotiation workshops.