Long-term strategic partner in bladder cancer

We formed a long-term, multi-project partnership with a leading manufacturer that was looking to establish its new product as standard of care in bladder cancer, and future-proof it against upcoming competition.

CRA approach

  • Pricing & access workshops: CRA developed and moderated global workshops rolling out pivotal Phase 3 trial results to affiliate teams. We facilitated training and mock negotiations with attendees ahead of launch.
  • Payer value propositions: CRA worked on payer value propositions for existing and new indications for our client’s product. We also developed succinct negotiation guidance tools for affiliates to use in their interactions with payers.
  • Mapping the future of bladder cancer: We sought to identify future challenges in terms of pricing, access, evidence, and competition that could impact our client’s brand in a quickly evolving treatment paradigm.
  • Competitive preparations: We worked with our client to prepare proactive and reactive strategies that would allow them to quickly adapt to an evolving PMA and clinical landscape in light of key competitor data.

Client impact

  • Capitalized on the PMA and commercial opportunities for our client’s asset across global markets.
  • Established our client’s product as the standard of care for the treatment of bladder cancer.
  • Ensured robust strategic preparations for an increasingly competitive future.
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