Patient advocacy group engagement strategy in rare diseases

Our client was a global pharma company with assets in multiple rare diseases. They had a need to enhance reputation among and support from Patient Advocacy Groups (PAGs) and create a global and cross disease area approach.
CRA approach

  • Internal and external research to understand and validate drivers of effective collaboration and how the company is perceived by PAGs
  • Characterization of rare disease markets to enable PAG planning regardless of DA or geography
  • Identification and response to internal challenges
  • Reference to best practice analogs of advocacy in rare diseases
  • Deployment of IMPETUS for stakeholder planning

Client impact

  • Market independent strategy for planning PAG engagement across all disease areas and geographies
  • Market archetypes defined for Rare Diseases
  • Practical playbook as basis for individual market planning
  • Cross functional internal alignment
  • Roll out for specific Rare Diseases in selected markets
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