The emerging business models for digital therapeutics

January 16, 2024
DNA sequencing

This article was originally published at Med Device Online.

Digital therapeutics (DTx) leverage technology to deliver evidence-based treatments for various health conditions, aiming to complement or replace traditional treatments with personalized, scalable, and cost-effective interventions.

While the past years showed promise for DTx, challenges are emerging for developers as investors confront industry hurdles and higher interest rates. Exploring new business models is crucial, recognizing that one size will not fit all. Developers must align their business model with the disease they are addressing and the value their solution provides.

The power of digital therapeutics to improve patient health, enhance access to care, and reduce total healthcare costs has yet to be fully explored or unlocked. As DTx technologies evolve and their clinical value is demonstrated, emerging commercial models (likely evolved versions of what we have seen so far) tailored to product features and the needs of providers and patients will unfold.

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