Pricing and market access potential for doublet and triplet regimens in endometrial cancer

CRA’s pricing and market access experts partnered with a global value and access team to develop the pricing and access strategy for novel combination therapies in endometrial cancer in light of an increasingly competitive and fragmented treatment paradigm.

CRA approach

  • Performed comprehensive clinical, pricing, and HTA mapping of the developing endometrial cancer treatment paradigm.
  • Collaborated with our clients to develop launch scenarios for the assets and developed hypotheses relating to the products’ future PMA potential.
  • Conducted primary research in US, Europe, and Asia with physicians and payers to identify the opportunity for our client’s combination regimens.
  • Synthesized findings across workstreams and internally validated our conclusions to provide evidence-based recommendations for our clients.

Client impact

  • Increased awareness of the complexities of combination pricing in oncology.
  • Facilitated PMA preparations for the launch of their new assets.
  • Provided a trade-off analysis of the pros and cons of the doublet and triplet regimens across geographies.
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