Rare disease patient journey and interactive market map


Due to the rare nature of the disease, our client was uncertain of the patient journey, market size, and core healthcare professionals (HCPs) to target and so they required a deep dive into the core strategy for the US market.

CRA conducted multiple working sessions to iron out business rules and assumptions that would underpin the analysis. Longitudinal health plan database and access & adjudication data were used to understand different portions of the rare disease patient journey and to size the market opportunity, and then patients were mapped to physicians and compared with current target lists. We combined the HCP and market sizing information into an interactive dashboard.

CRA successfully used claims data to resize the true rare disease patient opportunity, uncovered new insights in the patient journey, and suggested a refocusing of the target HCP list to tap into additional opportunities. “Triggers” of the disease were also identified and added to messaging to capture more rare disease patients.