Showcasing the value and revenue potential of an asset in development

A Biotech company sought to quantify the revenue potential and develop a forecast model for their asset, which is currently in early clinical development – the independent research was needed to convince investors of the future value and gain funding.

CRA Approach

  • Collected Target Product Profile feedback and patient share estimates from treating physicians by means of quantitative market research
  • Discussed the Target Product Profile with former payers in major EU markets and generated assumptions around market access and pricing for each market
  • Integrated quant market research outputs, secondary research and payer feedback into an updated forecast mode

Client Impact

  • Provided specific feedback from physicians on the trial design, including actionable recommendations on how to improve the study design to meet payer needs
  • Created a multi-component revenue forecast model showcasing the value for the client’s asset
  • Through robust external validation, the client was able to secure substantial funding from investors

Countries Involved
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
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