Study conducted for coal and copper mining company international expansion

For a coal and copper mining company interested in expanding its international copper operations, CRA conducted an in-depth, noncommunist-world market study for the metal and projected demand and consumption patterns. Our analysis concentrated on the technological, economic, and structural changes currently taking place within the copper industry. Regarding supply, we developed mine-by-mine estimates and projections for copper reserves; capital and direct operating costs; and transportation, smelting, and refining charges. These resulted in capacity curves clarifying cost/capacity/time relationships. For our demand assessment, we considered all forms of copper, particularly refined copper and directly-used scrap. Data were developed on: copper distribution throughout the noncommunist world; technological breakthroughs that will affect future consumption; macroeconomic growth rates for each end use and geographic region; and price/ time/demand relationships, which were incorporated in a comprehensive demand curve.