ABA Webinar: The 2d Cir.’s Apple E-Books decision: Debating the merits and the meaning

July 16, 2015
Webinar - 12:00 noon

On June 30, the Second Circuit affirmed DOJ’s trial victory over Apple in the Ebooks Case. The three-judge panel fractured in an interesting way: two judges affirmed the finding that Apple’s role in a “hub and spokes” conspiracy was unlawful per se; one judge also would have found a rule-of-reason violation; and the dissent — stating Apple had a “vertical” position and was challenging the leading seller’s “monopoly” — would have found no liability at all. What is the reasoning and precedent of the decision? Is “marketplace vigilantism” (the concurring judge’s phrase) ever justified? Fiona Scott Morton is a panelist during this webinar and will debate the issues. 
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