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AHLA's The Complexities of AI in Health Care

May 17, 2024
Chicago, IL
Analytics in LS

Kristopher Hult is a panelist during the session titled “Writing on the Wall: What We Can Learn from Case Law and Enforcement Trends When AI Regulation Remains in Flux?”

AI is increasingly used in health care and life sciences in a variety of clinical and non-clinical ways. With regulations often lagging behind technological advancements, it is imperative for legal practitioners to stay abreast of case law and enforcement trends in this domain. This presentation aims to evaluate relevant case law and enforcement actions pertaining to AI in health care as a means to identify key areas of risk and possible regulation moving forward. They will examine antitrust implications of market consolidation implicating vast amounts of patient data as well as use of patient data related to AI-based algorithmic pricing. They will also examine recent government enforcement actions related to use of AI in ways that could interfere with clinical decision-making to maximize profit. They will also examine government enforcement in the false claims arena related to non-clinical applications of AI in the context of automation of medical claims submission.

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