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GAR Webinar: Collaboration Agreements in Life Sciences - International Arbitration Issues

November 22, 2022
IP Arbitration International Arbitration

International arbitration is a common mechanism for resolution of the complex, cross-border disputes that can plague global collaborations in life sciences.  It is unique in its ability to offer a venue for the resolution of multi-jurisdictional disputes and an opportunity to appoint adjudicators with specialized expertise in the unique circumstances of pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and diagnostic companies.

In this program, our internationally recognized panel of arbitrators and practitioners, including Greg Bell, will consider the questions posed for dispute resolution in the context of global collaborations in the life sciences industry.  The discussion will include how arbitrators address efforts clauses in collaboration agreements, considerations arbitrators have regarding the misappropriation of trade secrets or other intellectual property rights associated with products or technologies that have yet to be commercialized, the importance of a link between liability theory and quantum, and the importance of subject matter expertise for resolving life sciences IP disputes.

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